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Developed as an alternative to traditional “stock” home plans, conceptual designs have been created with the assumption that changes will need to be made to the plans, not only because of local codes, but simply because you desire them. Visit the new Conceptual Designs web site by Family Home Plans

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The DESIGN CRITERIA forms featured in Home Plan Doctor will allow you to organize the essential information you’ll want to present to your designer or architect as you begin the process of creating a custom home design.

Design Criteria Forms

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Click here for a visual explanation of the various symbols and notes you’ll find when trying to read and understand a typical floor plan

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Selecting  a design for your new home should be an exciting and fulfilling experience.  After all, you’re about to make one of the most significant investments of your life, both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, this often becomes a stressful ordeal in which seemingly overwhelming decisions must be made with surprisingly few resources to help guide you through the plan selection process.  Home Plan Doctor evolved out of a desire to help individuals understand more about the process of selecting a house plan and to offer some insights on various elements of design that can have enormous impacts on the ultimate satisfaction with the completed home.

Larry W. Garnett

“Clear and practical advice from a veteran designer. If you’re building from a stock plan, this book could save you from a lot of mistakes.”
       Kevin Ireton, former editor, Fine Homebuilding
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Home Plan Doctor now in China. Storey Publishing has announced that the Chinese version is now available!

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Smart Living Home Designs
New! A website featuring home designs from some of the leading designers and architects.  This is also where my latest designs can be found that have been featured in Professional Builder Magazine
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